Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tube tops

Tube tops bother me so much. Like, seriously are they, a top or some method created by men so ladies are always fixing themselves while wearing it? They always manage to fall down. It's simply annoying to always have to find a way to make sure your "girls" don't make a surprise appearance. This is why I never wear one, in public, or ever. They are such an inconvience.
Today Amy, Olivia, and I decided we would go to TJ Maxx. It was amazing how many tube tops they have at that store. So in the spirit of things we decided to try on my enemy, the tube top. They look so unattractive on me. I looked as though a giant, monster, cloth thing was engulfing my torso. It was amazingly funny.
So I wore a tube top, and I notice now how pointless this post really is. :]

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