Thursday, October 29, 2009

I admit I have been slightly busy

Yes, I know school is important, but why must it be this difficult. I have spent hours looking at book after book trying to finish the piles of school work that have accumulated from my various teachers. 

Not a good deal. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

orange tic tacs

These things are addictive. I love them, I even crave them. They are so orange and yet so minty. I don't understand how something so small can make my mouth rejoice.
The story of the orange tic tacs is that fact that I wasn't alowed to have them until like one year ago. I was told they were unhealthy (I am still not sure if they are or not). It was only when my mother bought them for me did I see the amazingness that is orange tic tacs. Now I cannot live without them. Once a month I buy them. They last about a hour.
My devotion to orange tic tacs is strange but I am sure if you loved them as much as I do you would do the same.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Sooo I walk into a skate shop with my mom. I buy a skateboard, but the dude gives me a free skate video call "turd life, a crappy piece of crap". This is the best day of my life (haha). I offically love this video. I mean the skills of these dudes are amazing. I wish I could do half the stuff they do. It would be epic. Besides the sick skills of the skaters the poo refrences make me laugh so much, it also helps that they have all the titles and names in an unattractive poo colored font. I thought I would share the most epic moment of my life with everybody. I hope you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tube tops

Tube tops bother me so much. Like, seriously are they, a top or some method created by men so ladies are always fixing themselves while wearing it? They always manage to fall down. It's simply annoying to always have to find a way to make sure your "girls" don't make a surprise appearance. This is why I never wear one, in public, or ever. They are such an inconvience.
Today Amy, Olivia, and I decided we would go to TJ Maxx. It was amazing how many tube tops they have at that store. So in the spirit of things we decided to try on my enemy, the tube top. They look so unattractive on me. I looked as though a giant, monster, cloth thing was engulfing my torso. It was amazingly funny.
So I wore a tube top, and I notice now how pointless this post really is. :]

wainbow bwead.

This video changed my life. It is now an inside joke between my friends and I. This lady makes me laugh so much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have a mission

Another wonderful picture of my family back when my father was alive.
Because of my dad I have become more determined to help others around the globe. I am aware of the fact that I am young, but I still want to aid others.
I have a goal. By the age of 16 I want to start a foundation that brings art and world travel to children with cancer. I plan to find a way to make the process of everything they have to go through at such a young age, easier.
People have doubted my ability to fufill this goal, but I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to especially when it helps small children.
I hope that one day I can look at a child and know that I have created a smile.
I think that this is something my dad would have supported, and well every daughter wants to make their dad proud.

My father

This was my Dad. He meant more to me than anything in the world. Unfortunatly he battled MDS for 5 years, and passed 2 years ago. He is missed very much.

My father taught me everything. He loved history, and enabled me to travel the world. I have seen many places thanks to him.

My dad used to read all day long and than make us go on insane walks. I used to complain about it, but now I miss that very much. Even when he was sick he would climb mountains. I was amazed by how much strength he had.

My life.

This is my kitten Shadow. She is insane. A lot of people call me a cat lady, but I agree with them. My mom and I live in a big house with five cats whom I love very much.

This picture was taken when some dudes were yelling out of their car while driving by. They waved at me, so I waved back. I was carrying milk for Olivia, even though I am allergic. She took this picture at the perfect moment and it makes me giggle. This picture is epic.

This is Sabrina and I sharing a seat in Darcy's Car while going to Rite Aid in search of water balloons for Charles' birthday party.